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      The Shift: Leadership Workshop for Construction Companies in Rancho Cordova

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      November 14, 2017

      Tuesday   8:30 AM

      2729 Prospect Park Drive
      Rancho Cordova, California 95670

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      The Shift: Leadership Workshop for Construction Companies

      Are you stuck in your construction business “building projects” when you know you need to make the shift to “building people” so that they build the projects? When your time gets gobbled solving other people’s problems, it’s extremely frustrating!   Are you stuck in your business, working 10-12 hours a day, dealing with project issues that other people should be responsible for?   Don’t you feel like tearing out your hair when your people expect you to be the hero and solve all their problems?   You know you should spend your time more effectively. What would you do with an extra 5 hours of time a week?   Instead of getting stuck in the weeds, working “in” your business, you could be at a higher level working “on” your business: cultivating relationships with key clients, planning your future strategy, or mentoring your leadership team.   Hey, you could even spend a bit more time with the family, and get to your kid’s games before the start of the second half.   You are technically skilled.   What’s frustrating is that all those skills that made you a very successful project manager (before you became a leader), are horrendous when you deal with people.   Building a project is very pragmatic.   It's very black and white. When you're the project manager, you need to determine what's right and what's wrong. There's very little gray area when it comes to building a building. Its design is very precise. It's measured out to fractions of an inch. The plans (hopefully) show you how everything goes together. It's very logical and rigid.   Leading people is totally different.   You have to make the transition to the softer skills and understanding how people think. To do that you need a new way of thinking about yourself and others if you are ever going to make the shift from building projects to building people.   How do you effectively lead and motivate people?   Because the way you used to lead and motivate the team when building a project doesn’t work when you’re just leading people. How do you put your people first, help them through their situations, and not solve their problems for them? How can you effectively manage your business and work through people? Are you wasting hours every week because you have failed to make the shift from “playing” the construction game to “coaching” others how to play the construction game? Making the shift from building projects to building people is a lot like the shift athletes make when they go from being a player to being a coach.   Imagine if you coached youth sports. You can run practices, teach new skills, set the line-up, put players in position best suited to their skills, decide on strategy, encourage and motivate during the game, make tactical changes.   The one thing you can not do is play the game. You are not allowed to sneak on the field, be the hero and score the winning run, touchdown or goal.   You have to stay on the sideline and allow the kids to play.   In fact, the only thing you can do to improve your impact as a coach (assuming you are technically competent) is to develop your communication skills.   It’s a hard for you.  You can choose to dash onto the field and “save the day”. But you know that’s no way to scale your business for the long-term.   How much time would you save every week if you shifted your mindset from being a player to being a coach?   From being the hero who solves all the problems, to teaching your leaders how to be the hero and solve their own problems.   If you don’t improve your communication, and make that shift, you’ll always find yourself “playing the game”, working 10-12 hour days.   You’ll never experience the joy of helping others grow and develop, and your company won’t reach its full potential.   How do you shift from working “in” your business to working “on” your business?   You need systematic, simple way to develop the communication skills of yourself and your leadership team. So you can build a team of heroes that you coach, mentor and train to achieve great things.   Introducing The Shift Leadership Workshop The Shift Leadership Workshop  Is a step by step leadership framework, built by a construction industry expert, that will teach you and your leadership team how to grow as leaders and communicators, and make the shift from building projects, to building people.   It’s a system based on a deep understanding of the construction industry, how human beings function, and what you can do to bring out the very best in them.   It is based on the fact that the one thing that separates the good construction leaders from the great is consistent, clear communication.   Old school leadership is dead   When you started in construction, things were different. The owner yelled at you, you yelled at the superintendent, the superintendent yelled at the foreman and the foreman yelled at his guys, and eventually the project got built.   The shit was definitely flowing in one direction.   No need for fake charisma   Many construction leaders come out of the field, or from an engineering background. They are craftsmen and technical experts.   They are comfortable with tools, plans, specifications, and hard work. But they often lack the skills to motivate, lead and empower others.   The Shift Leadership Workshop doesn’t teach you how to be a charismatic leader who rallies the troops to “take the hill”.   Fake, “rah-rah” charisma doesn’t work over the long term.   The Shift Leadership Workshop is not a motivational seminar   It’s a leadership workshop, with the emphasis on “work”. You won’t learn how to manipulate or coerce others.   Instead, you will learn a step by step leadership and communication process that works in today’s changing construction work environment.   Millennials are your future (and most of your present)   Read that slowly…. Millennials (the people that piss you off to no end) are the largest generation in the workforce. In a few years, they are going to be 75% of the workforce.   They are different then your generation and old-school techniques of communication and motivation are not as effective.   You need a different approach to leadership   The Shift Leadership Workshop focuses on four essential communication frameworks that you can learn and teach to others in your organization.   The Shift will show you how to help all your leaders to be successful   If you implement each of the frameworks you can free up to 5 hours a week and spend more time working on your business, securing your legacy, and getting some work/life balance back.   With The Shift, you’ll be able to teach leadership essentials and hold people accountable for their words and actions. Here are three reasons why 1. The Shift is unique It’s been built from the ground up, on the foundation of over a decade of experience working with construction companies. You won’t have to translate the terms and examples from a high-tech or financial services background to construction. It’s all construction, all the time. 2. The Shift is simple You’re smart, but you don’t need a bunch of jargon and fancy terms. You just need straightforward, practical ways to improve communication and be a more effective leader and to help to develop other leaders.   3. The Shift is repeatable  You’ll learn straight-forward communication tools that you can use again and again to lead effectively and help others get results. So what’s covered in the Shift Leadership Workshop? And how can it help you? Construction Focus:   Have you ever been frustrated when you’ve attended a “generic” leadership workshop? It turns out to be a waste of time because the facilitator knows nothing about construction and the material is meant to apply to any industry? The good news is The Shift is exclusively for construction companies, led by a facilitator who has helped construction pros kick ass and make money since 2004.   Introductory Assessment – Earn the Right to Lead:   If you’re not getting enough productivity from people who report to you, it’s your fault (tough to hear, but true). This assessment will help you identify one person from whom you need to earn the right to lead, so you can choose one behavior to change to better earn the right to lead.   The Future of Construction Leadership:   Millennials are your future, but aren’t you sick of “participation trophy kids” who want flex time, ping pong, and an easy path to a six-figure paycheck? Right at the beginning of the workshop you’ll learn 7 characteristics of highly effective Millennial construction leaders. This will help you sift out the best from the rest, and keep you focused on attracting, developing, and retaining top talent.   How to Stop Thinking Like a Project Builder and Start Thinking Like a People Builder:   Do you ever wonder what makes an effective construction leader? The right mindset is essential because the way you think of yourself determines the way you act and the results you achieve.   You’ll learn how to cast off the limitations of the project builder mindset and craft the mindset of a people builder. You’ll also learn how to how to choose the actions that reflect that mindset which will lead you to the profit outcomes you want.   How Small Changes in Your Communication Style Make a Big Difference:   Change is rarely easy, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. You’ll learn how to identify small changes you can make in your behavior that will result in transformations in your ability to communicate and lead.   How to Craft (and Communicate) a Compelling Vision that Motivates Your Team to High-Performance:   Every great leader has a clear and compelling vision. The tough part is clarifying and then communicating that vision, and allowing it to drive all the day to day stuff you do in your business. You’ll learn how to answer four simple questions to clarify a compelling vision in your own words (instead of fake “corporate” jargon). You’ll also learn how to communicate it all the way from your office down to a green apprentice in the field.   How to Make Sure Your People Build Projects Right (Instead of Having to Do Everything Yourself): If your team is confused, refuses to take ownership, and fails to achieve results, it’s probably because you haven’t given them clear direction. You’ll learn a simple framework (that construction contractors have used since 2004) to get the input and buy-in of your team, make excellent decisions, and delegate effectively, so you get results for your company and your clients (and reduce conflict and drama). Keeping Your People in the Fight, Even When They Feel Like Giving Up: Construction is a tough business. If your people are discouraged, unaccountable and underappreciated, don’t be surprised when they fail to build a project, safely, on-time and under budget. You’ll learn how to keep each individual engaged and motivated as you encourage them, hold them accountable, and give them the specific recognition they deserve. The Construction Leader’s Dashboard (CLD): Many (well-meaning) construction leaders have a bunch of ideas bouncing around in their heads about what they need to do to be more effective, free up their time, and finally, make the shift from building projects to building people. Unfortunately, most of those ideas just stay in their heads, never get on paper, and never get into action. The CLD is a one-page dashboard that you will fill out at the end of the workshop that will give you clear focus in 8 critical areas. You’ll learn how to fill out the dashboard, and you’ll get access to the dashboard so you can teach your people how to focus in on improving their leadership. Workshop Host: Eric Anderton Eric Anderton has worked with construction companies since 2004. In that time he has observed that the most profitable companies are those who communicate the best. That's exactly why Eric has developed The Shift Leadership Workshop. The insights Eric shares make seismic shifts in construction contractor's businesses. Make sure you don’t miss The Shift. What Workshop Participants Say: “I had the great opportunity to participate in a workshop facilitated by Eric Anderton.  My thoughts before the workshop began was that the information presented would be most likely be a refresher on things I already knew, but my experience was significantly different!   Eric led an engaging, interactive session and has a straight-forward, honest communication style that is refreshing and to the point.   My time commitment to attend the workshop has yielded significant value in how the team and I now approach problems and opportunities at the company!”   Chris Hodge- Renovation Partners  "I highly recommend Eric Anderton and his workshops for your business.   Even the largest and most successful companies need to be reviewed to be able to continue as a high level of success." company!”   Roger Leasure- Northern California Tile and Stone "Eric offers a clear perspective to help you see the things that are wasting your time and resources while keeping you from achieving your full potential.   You leave his workshop with a list of action items that are going to change you and your business." John Stump- Flint Builders   What clients say…   Many consultants don’t have an idea As a leader, responsible for a large general contracting firm, I’m approached occasionally by business consultants offering various solutions that they say will enhance the effectiveness of our leadership team. The problem is that many of them don’t have an idea as to how a construction company operates and the challenges we face. Eric knows what makes a construction business tick. Eric Anderton is different, he is unique because of his focus on the construction industry He understands and appreciates the business of construction firms. He understands how the human mind works, how people work, and how the structure of a business operation can be created and improved. He knows what makes a construction business tick and how construction professionals work, and the ideas that he shares are realistic to business and our people. Eric’s Makes the Complex Simple So We Can Lead More Effectively He has helped us by logically breaking down complex leadership concepts into small components so we understand how to be more effective. As a result of working with Eric, our teams are more focused on the aspects of leadership that have the biggest positive impact on the people and projects they are responsible for. Help with Communication, Conflict, Accountability Eric has also helped us with our communication. Specifically, being okay with constructive conflict And helping us understand how to consistently hold ourselves and others accountable. Our Projects are Successful, On Time, and On Budget The outcome has helped our leadership team improve management of projects and assure that our projects are successful, on time and on budget. Eric is Good at What He Does and I Value his Help Eric brings high energy and passion to his workshops. It’s been rewarding to have members of our leadership team come to me unsolicited, to say that they gained great value and enjoyed his workshops.   Brett Mykrantz, Executive Vice President, Deacon Corp. The Shift Leadership Workshop  Three messages great construction leaders communicate… The Leaders Mindset: How to Stop Thinking Like a Project Builder and Start Thinking Like a People Builder  How to uncover and fix specific patterns of thinking that stop you acting like a leader.   How to link your leadership goals with a leader’s mindset, so you can choose new leadership behaviors.   How to make change simple and (almost) painless, by focusing on just one critical behavior that will have the biggest impact on your leadership.   How you can use your new mindset to save an hour per day, by stopping your people from interrupting you all the time.   Message #1 Vision: How to Craft a Compelling Vision that Motivates Your Team to High-Performance (without all the “rah-rah” crap)   How to discover the purpose of your business, by asking the question “why does our business exist?”  How to communicate Vision (and avoid one massive mistake most leaders make)  Clearly state the personality (values) that drive your business, so you can attract the right people to your company and repel the wrong ones.  Why understanding your business’ personality is so important, and how you can use it to build your operations and procedures.  How to build a simple strategic plan, specific to your construction company, focused on the: right job, right client, right location   Get laser focused on what’s most important, right now, in your company so all your people can rally to make the company successful Message #2 Direction: How to Make Sure Your People Build Projects Right (Instead of Having to Do Everything Yourself) A 3 step decision-making process you can teach your people so you don’t have to treat your people like kids, making all their decisions for them.  How to stop micro-managing, and telling your people what to do, so they learn how to figure out their own problems.  Get your people’s buy-in, by learning a simple trick to talk less and listen more.  Why it’s good when your people fail, and how you can help them to recover and learn from their mistakes.  If your people are confused and lack confidence, this framework shows you how to communicate the clear direction they need to succeed.  How to use conflict for good instead of allowing it to destroy your company.  How to make the worst part of your day (meetings), the best by taking five minutes to prepare before the meeting starts.  Why structure is so important to meeting success, and how you can use a flexible structure to generate ideas and build actions plans quickly.  How to save 1 hour a day by establishing a consistent “rhythm” of communication. Message #3 Comfort: Keeping Your People in the Fight, Even When They Feel Like Giving Up   What you can learn from ancient military leaders about getting the best from your team, and how to apply that to your leadership today.  How to stop acting like an engineer, and start focusing on encouraging your team’s success.  Why your people crave accountability, and how you can use it to positively motivate them.  How to hold people accountable (without having to deal with a bunch of conflict and drama).  Learn how to adapt your leadership style to each person so you give them the type of recognition they want.  How to coach individuals through their toughest challenges, and help them achieve their career aspirations. Important: Reasons You Should Attend   #1: It’s not a technology, process, or equipment issue…it’s a communication issue   A leader uses communication to get clarity, unity, and productivity. High performing construction leaders never stop working on their communication skills. They know it’s the secret to lasting success, profitability, and happiness.   #2: You don’t need more money, you need more time   If you can make the shift from building projects, to building people (by becoming a better communicator) you should be able to save 5 hours of time a week. Imagine what you can do with an extra 20 hours a month. That’s 10 days a year to spend working on your business, staying in shape, or just spending more time with your loved ones.   #3: Develop yourself and your leaders   A real leader never stops learning and growing. The workshop provides you and leaders from your company an opportunity to learn four simple communication frameworks that can have a massive positive impact on your business.   #4: The Workshop is for construction companies only   You know it’s all about getting work, planning work, building work and getting paid. You’ll be right at home with the structure and content of the workshop, it’s been designed for you to learn easily and apply it quickly to your company. What You Get With The Shift: Half-Day Leadership Workshop Comprehensive Workbook Unlimited Lifetime Email Support (for Premium Participants):  If you attend The Shift you get unlimited lifetime email support. Anytime you have a question about the material from the workshop, or any question about your leadership, or your company, just shoot me an email. 90 Day Executive Coaching Support (for Premium Participants): For a full 90 days following the workshop, you'll get-  Up to 3 executive coaching calls with Eric Anderton   15-30 minutes per call   Perfect if you need help implementing the information, or run into some roadblocks. The 110% Guarantee:  If you don’t feel The Shift Leadership Workshop was worth the investment you made, you'll get 110% of your money back, no questions asked. Simple. Logistics and Workshop Location Location: 2729 Prospect Park Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670  Date: Tuesday, November 14, 2017  Time: 8:30am - Noon  Plenty of time beforehand to get your emails and calls out of the way and focus on working on your business (and yourself).   Lots of FREE parking, so you don’t have to worry about getting a parking ticket.   Conveniently located right off Highway 50 near Zinfandel in the Rancho Cordova City Hall building   Coffee, Water, and Snacks provided, so you can stay buzzed, hydrated and filled for the entire workshop  Construction companies only.  No service providers or vendors to distract you.  Small group environment.  Seating limited to 37 people, so you’ll get one on one attention and keep focused on improving your leadership.  No pitch environment. You won’t be sold anything additional at the workshop.  Two 10-minute breaks built into the schedule so you can respond to important emails and calls   Executive Board RoomRancho Cordova City Hall, 2729 Prospect Park Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670  Important Note: When you click to purchase tickets you will be directed to Eventbrite to securely purchase. At check-out you can choose to purchase Regular and/or Premium tickets. I recommend that you have 2-3 of your senior team members attend along with you. Premium Ticket Details: *After attending the workshop you’ll receive Eric Anderton’s personal email, and you’ll be able to contact him anytime, with any questions you have regarding leadership in your company. **90 Day Executive Coaching includes up to 3 executive coaching phone calls. 15-30 minutes per call. Don't forget the 110% Money Back Guarantee!  

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